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Hello, I am a person.

Lets play music together, bake, and hike.
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im on such a healthy lifestyle path


Taylor Radelia

i never really liked dairy anyways

stop drinking milk, its not good for you, dairy isnt good for you, 
when we drink milk some hormones given to baby cows to make them strong are passed down through the consumption of milk, this can make your hormones alter and might be the reason you have acne

it just creeps me out, milk is physically addicting and mimics the effects of opium. 

idk, try almond or hemp milk

okey shes asleep now ahahaa


would be so sad i you are leading me on

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what is everyones obsession with having super pearl white teeth, i am pretty sure putting that much chemicals in your mouth is going to make them deteriorate faster and have too much Fluoride giving you a gnarly set of teeth. 

like did you ever wonder how the rest of the world brushes their teeth, some cultures just use sticks. 

I just want people to question what is being shoved down their throat through fear in advertisements 


I like how people have a problem with the whole calling someone “daddy” in bed because it’s “weird” but yet they will call the other person “baby”. What you like fucking babies? You weird ass baby fucker

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